Assisted Living

In addition to all the amenities offered for Retirement Living, Assisted Living services are provided to residents that need help with physical and health needs. Assisted Living offers a special combination of housing, personalized supportive services, and health care designed to respond to the individual needs of those who need help with their activities of daily living but do not need the skilled medical care provided in a traditional nursing home setting.

Prior to move-in, applicants meet with the registered nurse to assess what their individual needs may be.  The Lodge provides three service levels of care.  For example, someone may simply need assistance with housekeeping or medications.  Another resident may require monitoring of blood sugars or assistance with showering.  An individualized plan is developed to meet that person’s needs.  The Service Plan promotes independence among those who require daily assistance but not requiring a skilled care facility. 

The Lodge staff works together with the physicians and staff at Sidney Health Center to promote their highest level of health and well-being.

Assisted Living Services offered are:

  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Weekly Laundry Service
  • Bathing
  • Medication Reminders
  • Linen Service
  • Wellness Monitoring

The cost for Assisted Living services vary with the apartment size and style and the level of services used. Fees paid will cover rent for the apartment, meal costs and services. Generally, assisted living is paid for privately with some very limited Medicaid funding available. 

The State of Montana regulates assisted living through licensing and life safety regulations. Regulations can be reviewed at the facility or at the state health department offices in Helena. Local fire departments review and oversee life safety issues. County health departments regulate and oversee food service. 

The philosophy of the assisted living concept is straight forward and oriented toward the consumer:

  • Offering cost-effective quality care that is personalized for the individual's needs.
  • Fostering independence for each resident.
  • Treating each resident with dignity and respect.
  • Promoting the individuality of each resident.
  • Allowing each resident choice of care and lifestyle.
  • Protecting each resident's right to privacy.
  • Nurturing the spirit of each resident.
  • Involving family and friends.
  • Providing a safe, residential environment.
  • Making the assisted living residence a valuable community asset.

The Lodge fully supports these philosophies, is fully licensed by the State of Montana and operates as a private pay facility providing services to seniors who are 55 years old or older.