That's What it is All About

You can make choices, choices about where you will live, and choices about how you want to live. Choose carefully, ask questions, get the answers you want before making your decision. We are committed to helping you by answering your questions about costs, services, the community and your services as a resident of The Lodge.

Our goal is to help you continue living as your always have . . . independently, with privacy and dignity. And to do this we will make personal services available, as little or much as you need. Together we'll plan for assistance that will encourage your independent nature for as long as possible.

At The Lodge you will rent an apartment of your choice, have all of your meals prepared and receive a variety of scheduled or unscheduled services. You'll pay a small deposit, then monthly without and expensive buy in costs. These costs will depend on the size and style of your apartment and the level of services you require. Payment, by private funds, is your responsibility.

Your security and comfort are our highest priority. Health, wellness, and continued involvement in life are goals we want to help you achieve. You can receive skilled nursing care from a home health provider of your choice or we'll help you with the arrangements.

Questions? Please ask us